Christa Hastie
Childhood Modeling
Ages 6-10, modeled in Tokyo, the Bahamas, and the USA of course. Many many clients included Target stores nationwide ads, Disneyland TV commercials and ads, and Cheerios ads. I recently found a full box o'things I did and will add soon.

Al Hastie
So long to my father, Al Hastie DOD 9-8-1993. Always here in spirit.


Columbia TriStar Interactive
Pioneering the beginning of the web software era. Coded primarily in Perl and on the LAMP stack. Started at CTI (Columbia TriStar Interactive) as an intern, then production assistant, then to Sony's The Agency as a Jr. Programmer supporting the studio's b2c film and tv properties, as well as some fun times with Screenblast and SoapCity, and then continued on to SPDE (Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment) as a Lead Developer. Missed the b2c continuation of SPDE to SPI (Imageworks) and skipped to the studio lot with the b2b folks. I ended my career as a Senior Software Engineer with Sony Pictures Television after nearly 2 decades. Screenshots are from 1997 websites - AWESOME!!

Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
It was the beginning of my early love of DNA and algorithms. I got published as being helpful :) in Dr. Barbour's Lyme Disease research papers while at UC Irvine as a chemistry major.


Sony Pictures Red Carpets & Premieres
Oh what a life! Attending the red carpet premieres with Sony Pictures including The Party of Five series finale wrap party, American Pie, Charlie's Angels, and many more. Can you believe I interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger for his film, The 6th Day? Check out how rad this video from Getty Editorial is that I found of me wearing my new pink coat staking my spot on the carpet to have Arnold say 'Screenblast' (lol)!

Software / Web Development
Honestly, I've produced so much web and back-end development work over the years as a software engineer, but, as you may, or may not know, most of it cannot be shown because they are b2b private sites and apps. Unfortunately outside of Github (ask me!) and screenshoting my code, you only get to see the pretty end result here of some of my work that I can show (eg. I work under the hood of a pretty car, and the finished pretty car is what you see here!!). At this time I also taught Web Development Workshops through the SBA (Small Business Administration).


Graduated From College!
Whoo-hoo! In and out, like a firefly. I did Chemistry and then Political Science as my majors. I became fascinated with animals of power (eg. North Korea, China - so much that they live in a whole different reality than we do RIGHT NOW).

Print Design Work
Print design has always been something I enjoyed when I did lots of web work for small business clients early 2000-2005.


CBS Surivor 7: Pearl Islands
What's not to love? Everything that came bundled with the Survivor experience. Being on David Letterman, Nickelodeon, and many other random TV shows ... winning "The Best Reality TV Show" at the People's Choice Awards (and the after- party with the LOTR cast) articles in print over the years... meeting amazing well as the important charity work we did hoping it will add a dose of good to the world. In another box I found all the photos and videos CBS gave us after the show. I will put up soon.

First Wedding
In beautiful downtown Ojai, CA, behind the garden of City Hall . . . the same spot where my parents got married!


Charity Events
Helping to raise $$ with my fellow reality TV peeps over the last 16 years. These included Give Kids The World, Reality For Diabetes, Stand Up To Cancer, Elizabeth Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Michelle's Place. There have been so many purposeful events over the years and I continue to be thankful to have been part of it all. Here's a few pics :) I love from a few events. My oldest daughter who won Chopped Junior a few years ago gets to do some events with me now too!

Fashion Line
This was my first attempt at a business (I mean, other than moonlighting coding work)! I learned a lot about the manufacturing and retail world. Managed to sell thousands of dresses across the US, targeting mostly the prom market. I sold off the successful styles along with the imported fabrics...they were relabeled for an online retailer that saturated the market with these cute dresses. It was a fun experience and I can't help but feel a sense of pride when I see a handful of this style every so often!!


Playboy Parties
A few memories. (I wish I took pics!)

US Home and Sports Show Tour
I enjoyed traveling to major cities in this great country to meet all the special fans of Survivor. The Mayor presented me with the key to the city of St. Joseph, MO!


Flagstaff Home & Condo
One of my first homes. It was bought and sold in Flagstaff, AZ . . . at the same time we also bought and sold a condo that we rented out there. Was a traumatic first introduction to landlording.

Mischa Vera
My 1st daughter came into this world in September 2005. Fun fact:: she won Chopped Junior at age 9 on the famous Food Network and was invited again to perform in the Chopped Junior Championship series in New York.


Mila Mary
My 2nd daughter, born July 2007 among other things, turned into an avid spelling bee contestant going as far as 4th in a National Bee competition. And that's without trying!!! Go Mila!!! Go!!!

Default Value Co.
My California corporation is a software company I started in 2008. Over the years I have created successful b2b apps (the "fun early morning" coding before heading to my "real" job) and currently create software on various platforms serving both the b2c and b2b arenas, as well as supporting software related educational initiatives in our local community. I enjoy coding and working with developers and designers from around the world to complete and maintain our projects.


My flagship business ... working with several software engineers and lots of hard hard work paid off and selling off the software moved me to other exciting adventures in software design. Hundreds of hours tweaking and fine tuning code and databases capable of processing orders from multiple vendors with integrated shipping and, get this, only one checkout experience rather than multiple checkouts. It was revolutionary then and still sadly a bit like that today on most multi vendor sites. Coupled with the beginning of the arts and crafts movement online along with etsy, this business was always in the right place at the right time.

OKC Project
Filming for another project first, and then a new business spawned off from the project and sold a couple of years later. Check out the before pics :). And this wasn't even phase 2 (looking for better pics) in a location that could serve real kids playing in the themed areas.


Photos were taken in 2004 right after Survivor, Pearl Islands. Were they hoping I would return some day to "play" again?

Celebrity Book Launch Party
Throwing a party for my friend who manages the events at The Grove for Rick Caruso in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of a beautiful coffee table book.


Reality TV Reunion Party
A spectacular fun event I organized for 100+ of my reality TV pals on Catalina Island, CA! What a time! BIG party! BIG prizes! Check out the video on youtube or here. Thanks, Dale Porter for capturing great moments! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating this successful party!

Survivor 10 Year Party
CBS hired me to track down all their MIA Survivor contestants with contact info they lost track of over the years. This helped a little bit towards their 10-year mega 10 Year Survivor Anniversary party success ... almost every former Survivor showed up. The attendance to my pre-party that Sandra and I hosted at the hotel earlier in the evening proved to be just as successful. I don't have to tell you that the hotel management was not happy with well over 200 people in and out of our room and in the hallways :). But, hey! We had a great time! Too many photos of too many people to show here. Check on FB :).


Putting on a special party for my ASCAP Brill West peeps in the Hollywood Hills. Don Julio and Mighty Tea Leaf came on board to sponsor this event. The yummy drinks brought it over the top of the hills!

New York "Big Apple" Party
A lavish shindig I threw for all the Hollywood players (eg people who like to hire me for putting on parties) at the penthouse suite of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel :). What a memorable night! You know I do party theme extreme! This was no exception! You should have seen the life size apple trees trying to fit in the freight elevator.


Event Planning Network Pitch Video
Since I was the LA party gal, a Survivor producer and myself pitched a fun show to all the networks. It was an interesting experience meeting with all the network execs.

Best. Wedding. Ever.
Did I say 'best'? Fabulous is more like it! Imagine: Santa Monica oceanfront, blue sky, fantastic temperature, soft ocean breezes, delicious food, starry night over the Santa Monica pier and us!. In our non-traditional manner we entertained family and friends with a comedy skit and a dance to the Game of Thrones theme song! My Ali joon xoxo


Brentwood Condo
This was this awesome Brentwood condo we sold in 2014. If you ever want to hear a funny story, ask me about the barking dogs on repeat at the Brentwood condo.

Fun photo shoots! Thank you Yau-Man :)! And Kim Mizuno (for Playboy), and other talented photographers over the years. I was represented by Otto Models in Los Angeles.


Madeleine Parisa
My 3rd daughter, born October 2017. Such a great little girl.

House Remodel - Los Angeles - BEFORE
Rosie Vela is a beautiful lady and former professional model (on Vogue covers over a dozen times!) sold us her beautiful home in the canyons of Los Angeles. The house stood on a private road and featured lots of character and a spectacular view. As we remodeled we left many of the original elements. We got to know our neighbor and loved the stories she'd tell about her late husband who was a stuntman for Clint Eastwood along with Clint's old tortoise. Apparently Mr. Eastwood gifted the house to her and her husband quite a few years ago. There was a lesson in every part of the remodeling and gardening events that we are so proud of!


Gardening Workbook
A much needed item moved me to my next project finished rather quickly (1) in the spirit of cheap printing and (b) in an effort to make cohesive gardening lessons. I used the book as my own plan of attack as I volunteered at my daughter's school Gardening Program. Check it out on Amazon if you wish to buy a printed copy. These workbooks have been ordered by recreation departments, schools, libraries, church youth groups, scout troops and so on around the US. and even some to the U.K.

House Remodel - Los Angeles - AFTER
Here it is! What a beauty! What a gem! I wished that Rosie could also see what we've had done to this gem.


House Remodel - Coronado - BEFORE
Due to job opportunity and better school we are in Coronado in a new gem that needed our remodel expertise. Beautiful lot, ten minutes from the ocean or the bay. All we see from the second story are sunsets and trees as far as the eyes can see. A front and rear garden that's itching to be worked on. If you live here you would know that most people just see power lines and other people's houses right next door (handy when you need TP out your bathroom window though from a neighbor!). Wait until you see the after pics. We are almost done.